Easy Creamy Vodka Sauce with Rigatoni

06 Nov
Easy Creamy Vodka Sauce with Rigatoni
Do you love noodles? Do you love recipes that use 6 ingredients or less? Do you love vodka?! If the answer was yes to any of those questions, this vodka sauce with rigatoni is for you.

But let’s back up a bit. Just what exactly is vodka sauce? It’s pink, it’s pretty, and yes, it does have vodka in it. It’s little bit retro (it was super popular in the 80s) and something you almost always see at classic old school Italian American pasta places. Vodka sauce is Italian American food at it’s best: a smooth and creamy tomato based sauce. It’s rich and luscious with a sharp bright flavor, and is one of the best homemade pasta sauces you could ever learn to make.
I’m a little bit obsessed with vodka sauce. Whenever I see it on a menu, I’m always, always tempted. Usually something else that’s just a little more interesting wins out, but sometimes I do end up ordering the vodka sauce and when I do, I’m never disappointed. I love that creamy, tomato-y, sweet yet bright sauce. It’s like tomato sauce but better because cream and vodka.
This is literally the best weeknight pasta dinner because it uses so few ingredients. Keep a tube of tomato paste and a carton of cream in the fridge and you’ll never go hungry. I used rigatoni because I love how the sauce goes in the holes but you can use whatever shape pasta you have on hand.

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