Grown Up Buttered Noodles: Garlicky Brown Butter Parmesan Noodles

06 Nov
Grown Up Buttered Noodles: Garlicky Brown Butter Parmesan Noodles
Do you have a go-to nostalgic kid food? That food that you’d always eat even after a serious food strike? The one your mom or dad would give into just so they were sure you didn’t die from lack of calories, forget about nutrition? For me it was plain white rice. No soy sauce, no seasoning, no anything but delicious plain white rice. For my childhood best friend, it was buttered noodles. Whenever we’d have a play date, that’s what her mom would make us because it was literally the only thing she would eat.
My mom never made buttered noodles so I only ever had them at Jennifer’s house, but after my very first bowl, I was hooked. What’s not to love about a bowl of buttery carbs, made with love?

This is a little updated version of those buttered noodles, made just a touch more grown up with nutty toasty browned butter, garlic, and a generous amount of parm. They’re super comforting and so easy to make. Mike said it was the best bowl of noodles I’ve ever made and you better believe that it’s going in our weekly rotation now that fall weather is here to stay. I don’t know what’s cozier that cuddling up on the couch with warm bowls of buttered noodles!

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