2 Ingredient Creamy Herby Garlicky Pasta

06 Nov
2 Ingredient Creamy Herby Garlicky Pasta
It’s carb-loading season, my most favorite of all the seasons! When the weather starts to turn chilly, you know it’s time to light those candles, grab those bowls, and eat those noods. I’m not sure why I don’t eat pasta out of a bowl more often. When I was in high school, I feel like I ate primarily out of bowls. But then, as I got older I started eating on plates more? Still there’s something so so comforting about a bowl of pasta: cradling it in your hands, sitting on the couch, a huge Netflix queue lined up. Yes, I’m still watching, stop it with your judging Netflix!

This is the perfect pasta to make on those nights when you’re feeling extra lazy because it is literally 2 ingredients: cheese and pasta. Not just any cheese though, Boursin! This is not sponsored or anything by the way (I wish, hit us up Boursin!), I just love that creamy, garlicy soft cheese. Whenever it’s on sale, we pick up a pack or three.

Have you had Boursin by the way? It’s a French cheese from Normandy that is creamy, slightly crumbly, and full of buttery herby smooth flavors. My favorite is the classic, garlic and fine herbs. I love eating it with chips, veggies, on it’s own, and especially with pasta.

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